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Dietmar Grieser - A Love in Vienna


Bestselling author Dietmar Grieser shows Vienna as a location of picturesque Love stories. These are the stories of 20 couples of the 20th century - all of them celebrities of Austrian history, such as: Gustav Klimt & Alma Mahler Schindler, Rainer Maria Rilke & Lou Albert-Lasard, Egon Schiele & Edith Harms.

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248 pages
format:125 x 205
ISBN: 9783853262160
Release date: 01.01.2003

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Dietmar Grieser

born in Hannover in 1934, has been living in Vienna since 1957. The author of many bestsellers is member of the PEN-Club. He has been awarded, among others, the Eichendorff. Literature Prize, the Donauland Sachpreis, the Book Prize of the Vienna Industry, the Austrian decoration for Science and the Arts.

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