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Veronika Premer Marc-Oliver Schuster - H. C. Artmann

A Biography

A comprehensive biography of the famous word virtuoso and unconventional poet to celebrate his 100th birthday on 12 June.

H. C. Artmann was a colourful anomaly within the literary post-war generation. The son of a master shoemaker, he created a new linguistic universe and thereby polarised an entire generation. A suburban poet and literary world citizen, he wrote his way into the hearts of his followers and revived traditional vernacular poetry with witty linguistic artistry. He was a co-founder of the legendary ‘Wiener Gruppe’, a traveller and a maverick poet who freely mixed words, styles and languages – unfazed by fashionable trends. Veronika Premer and Marc-Oliver Schuster engagingly recount the unconventional life of this ‘matchmaker and procurer of words’, whose work forged a bridge between vernacular poetry and popular culture.

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Release date: 07.02.2023

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Veronika Premer

Born in Vienna in 1980, Premer studied History, French and German at the University of Vienna. She has worked as a translator, coach and teacher in the private sector and at secondary schools in Vienna. She provided academic assistance in the project “Oral History – Den Opfern ein Gesicht geben” and has lectured and contributed to publications on H. C. Artmann. Most recently published: “H. C. Artmann” (2021).

Marc-Oliver Schuster

Born in Linz in 1968, Schuster studied in Salzburg and Toronto, followed by literary research projects in Berlin and Vienna, where he still lives. His work includes books and anthologies on H. C. Artmann and on jazz and literature (Jazz in German Language Literature, 2013), also projects and conferences on literary links between Austria and Canada (Vergessene Stimmen, nationale Mythen, 2019) and on semiotics and postmodernism (Semiotics and Postmodernity, 2011). Most recently published: “H. C. Artmann” (2021).

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