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Der Anschluß 1938 - Flucht und Vertreibung

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176 pages
format:170 x 230
ISBN: 9783701732999
Release date: 04.03.2013

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Konrad Kramar - Mission Michelangelo

How miners from Altaussee saved art treasures looted by the Nazis from destruction

The Allies had won the war, Hitler was dead, but a fanatic Gauleiter was still set on destroying Europe’s greatest art treasure: an enormous collection of art works confiscated by the Nazis. The Gauleiter gave orders to blow up the tunnels of Altaussee’s salt mine where the stolen art, intended for the ‘Führermuseum’, had been hidden since 1943. Masterpieces by Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Rubens, Vermeer and Leonardo da Vinci were almost blown to pieces. But luckily, a handful of local men from Salzkammergut (and a few accomplices) managed to save the priceless treasure from destruction. Mission Michelangelo is the story of a few brave men and one of the most mysterious episodes from the last days of World War II.