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H.C. Artmann - The sun was a Green Egg.

On the creation of the world and the things in it.

In the beginning was... – Let the account of what it was and how it was be reserved for other books. But how it might have been – who better to tell us this than the author of these fantastic stories. You will be amazed at what Moses and Darwin kept quiet! He shot at a fish and hit a bird, for in the beginning there was only sky and water; and he brought the bird to his wife, who fashioned a cradle from the feathers, and so the first son came to be.

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160 pages
format:125 x 205
ISBN: 9783701713738
Release date: 01.08.2004

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H.C. Artmann

was born in 1921 in Vienna. He discovered several foreign languages at an early age, and lived for long periods in Stockholm, Lund, Berlin, Malmö, Bern, and Graz. In 1947 he published his first poem and continued writing poetry, drama and prose for the rest of his life. He was a founder member of the ‘Vienna Group’. His 1958 poetry collection “med ana schwoazzn dintn” shot him to fame. Following many other awards, in 1997 he won the “Georg Büchner Prize”. He lived between Vienna and Salzburg till his death in 2000.


 "A god amongst writers, H.C. Artmann creates a fascinating world of language in which we live, reading happily."
TEXT & KRITIK, Günter Eichberger,

“Moses, over in the Promised Land, and all the other ‘authors’ of Creation epics will laugh and forgive: H. C. Artmann, the famous art-man, has recast their stories, with the human touch that only a man of calm temper, versed in the myths and legends of all peoples of all ages, can bring.”
DIE PRESSE, Hans Haider

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