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Verena Mermer - the voice above the roofs

The ghost of freedom wanders the streets…

Baku, Azerbaijan, spring 2011: the city is in uproar, protests against the authoritarian regime are growing louder. In the midst of it are Ali and Nino, Frida and Che, two young couples fighting not only against state repression but for their love, for freedom and self-determination, for happiness and a life they can call their own. Yet Verena Mermer evokes more than just the political struggles and everyday life in one of the last dictatorships on Europe’s borders. Her wonderful debut also plays an enthralling game with its characters, with the times and places, the myths of revolution and love and lures us into the labyrinth of poetic invention.

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160 pages
format:125 x 205
ISBN: 9783701716456
Release date: 27.08.2015

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Verena Mermer

born 1984 in Lower Austria, studied German and Romance literatures with Indology. She has lived and worked in Delhi, Baku and Cluj-Napoca. Now she lives as a writer and academic in Vienna. She has published in a variety of literary magazines, was longlisted for the 2013 “European Poetry Festival Prize”, shortlisted for the “Wartholz Prize for Literature”, and received a “START” literature grant in 2014.

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