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Michaela Karl - We’ll break the Ten Commandments and our necks.

Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. A biography.

The most glamorous couple of the roaring twenties.

He gave an era its name. She was the main character in all his novels. Together they were the dream couple of the Jazz Age and the ‘lost generation’. The famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda lived their lives to the fullest, seeking happiness, yet finding desperation. Rich and successful, infamous for their antics and excessive drinking habits in New York, Paris and on the French Riviera, they were the idols of an entire generation. But soon the blessed were damned: their excessive lifestyle, creative blocks and mental issues all contributed to the couple’s downfall. The myth, however, continues to flourish… Michaela Karl paints a vivid biographical portrait of an entire era and the two main characters whose lives became literature.

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320 pages
format:140 x 220
ISBN: 9783701732579
Release date: 07.02.2012

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Michaela Karl

born in 1971, wrote her thesis on Rudi Dutschke. Karl is lecturer at the University for Politics in Munich and is member of the Münchner Turmschreiber. Previous publications: Bayerische Amazonen (2004), “Wir fordern die Hälfte der Welt!“ Der Kampf der englischen Suffragetten um das Frauenstimmrecht (2009), Streitbare Frauen (2009), Noch ein Martini und ich lieg unterm Gastgeber. Dorothy Parker. Eine Biografie (2011) und Wir brechen die 10 Gebote und uns den Hals. Zelda und F. Scott Fitzgerald (2012.).

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Michaela Karl - Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a Robbery!

The story of Bonnie & Clyde

The USA during the 1930s, the era of the Great Depression. In order to escape poverty and unemployment, Bonnie & Clyde come up with an unusual business plan: They begin robbing banks for a living. Admired by the losers of the American Dream, they keep a nation in suspense for two years. Then FBI-director Hoover declares war on the two outlaws… How could a young couple from Texas responsible for the cold-blooded killing of innocent people become popular heroes? Michaela Karl tells the fascinating story of Bonnie & Clyde in her newest book. It is the story of a relentless struggle against state and law – and the story of a great love.

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Michaela Karl - Another Martini and I’m under my host. Dorothy Parker

A biography

During the Roaring Twenties she was the queen of New York. Her sharp tongue and biting humor were legendary. She quarreled with Ernest Hemingway, slept with F. Scott Fitzgerald and got drunk with Truman Capote. Dorothy Parker wrote for “Vogue”, “Vanity Fair” and “The New Yorker” and was a member of the legendary Algonquin Round Table, where the city’s cultural crème-de-la-crème came together. Her sarcastic verses and poignant short stories are revealed as tales of broken dreams and waiting for the phone to ring. She became a successful screenwriter in Hollywood, but her career was cut short when she was put on Senator McCarthy’s blacklist because of her political involvement against fascism and racism. Michaela Karl is the first to present a German biography of Dorothy Parker. She portrays her unconventional life and, behind the cynical façade, discovers a sensitive woman on the quest to finding happiness.

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Michaela Karl - Fierce Females

When men stand up for their beliefs and contest social and political conventions, they are deemed heroes. When women do the same, they are considered fanatics. Michaela Karl describes the lives of women who, like the Greek mythological figure of Antigone, put their beliefs before the law. Women who would not shy away from violence in their courageous fight for women’s and general human rights, for freedom and peace. Setting high moral standards for themselves and others did not always keep them from making wrong decisions, but they bravely faced the consequences of their radical actions. With a keen sense for inner conflict and self-doubt, Michaela Karl bases her portraits on personal letters, journals, writings and memories, tracing the impressive lives of women who swam against the tide of their time. Charlotte Corday, the murderer Jean Paul Marats Mathilde Franziska Anneke, the German amazone Harriet Tubman, Moses of her people Bertha von Suttner, the champion for universal peace Vera Figner, the prisoner of the tsar Clara Zetkin, the Grande Dame of the German labour movement Emmeline Pankhurst, the Queen of the suffragettes Constance Markievicz, the rebellious countess Emma Goldman, the most dangerous woman of the United States Tina Modotti, the Jeanne d’Arc with a camera Tamara Bunke, the combatant of Che Guevaras Phoolan Devi, the queen of the outlaws

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She was married to August Strindberg, had a son with Franz Wedekind, shared the same fate as her “sister” Franziska zu Reventlow and was closely tied to famous men such as Arthur Schnitzler and Karl Kraus. She came from a good Viennese family, was witty and eccentric. In turn of the century Berlin she enjoyed life to the fullest while working as a feature journalist. One of the stars of the scene at the time was August Strindberg, the scandalous Swedish author. The two got married, but their relationship was full of drama and soon failed. The rest of her life was equally dramatic as she moved back and forth between Paris, London and New York. Before her death in Salzburg in 1943, Frida Strindberg published memoirs about her time with Strindberg – “a book without pauses” as Knut Hamsun “delightedly” notes. The same can be said of this first German biography of Frida Strindberg. In texts, photographs and moving personal accounts by Strindberg, we learn more about the eventful and turbulent life of a woman who spared no one, least of all herself.