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Ernst Grissemann

Ernst Grissemann

born 1934 in Imst, lives in Maria Enzersdorf in Lower Austria. He is a well-known Austrian radio host, journalist and actor. In 1967 he founded the radio station Ö3 – after the legendary broadcast reform by Gerd Bacher – and has marked the Austrian media with his distinctive and unmistakable voice. Between 1979 and 1990 he was appointed as broadcasting director several times and was in charge of reforming the most heard cultural radio station in Europe, Ö1. He has received numerous awards.


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Ernst Grissemann (Edited by) Christoph Grissemann (Edited by) - Shut up, Santa!

Imagine it’s Christmas and everyone is there: Santa, the Little Helpers, Saint Nick and an angel all squat your home and refuse to leave. Only the Holy Child is missing. Does it even exist? These and other questions about Christmas failures are answered by Ernst and Christoph Grissemann. And because anything else would be an utter surprise, their answers in this book are so unbelievably hilarious that tears in your eyes are guaranteed. Ernst and Christoph Grissemann have collected stories for this book which are sure to put you in a festive mood. Odd and contemplative, funny and deep. With texts by Bertolt Brecht, Robert Gernhardt, Max Goldt, Erich Kästner, Alfred Polgar and many more. The Holy Child would love it!