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Veronika Premer

Born in Vienna in 1980, Premer studied History, French and German at the University of Vienna. She has worked as a translator, coach and teacher in the private sector and at secondary schools in Vienna. She provided academic assistance in the project “Oral History – Den Opfern ein Gesicht geben” and has lectured and contributed to publications on H. C. Artmann. Most recently published: “H. C. Artmann” (2021).


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Veronika Premer Marc-Oliver Schuster - H. C. Artmann

A Biography

H. C. Artmann was a colourful anomaly within the literary post-war generation. The son of a master shoemaker, he created a new linguistic universe and thereby polarised an entire generation. A suburban poet and literary world citizen, he wrote his way into the hearts of his followers and revived traditional vernacular poetry with witty linguistic artistry. He was a co-founder of the legendary ‘Wiener Gruppe’, a traveller and a maverick poet who freely mixed words, styles and languages – unfazed by fashionable trends. Veronika Premer and Marc-Oliver Schuster engagingly recount the unconventional life of this ‘matchmaker and procurer of words’, whose work forged a bridge between vernacular poetry and popular culture.