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Katrin Rönicke - Beate Uhse

A Life against Taboos

Germany’s Mother Courage of taboo breaking

Naturist, stunt pilot and sex pioneer – today Beate Uhse has cult status, but in the 1970's she was despised. She was a trailblazer for sexual enlightenment, built an international emporium out of nothing and is regarded as Germany's most successful businesswoman of the 20th century. Committed to the education of women on matters of contraception, she started out in the late 40's by selling information brochures on the topic. This provided her with the necessary seed capital to expand her mail order business for "matrimonial hygiene". Soon Uhse had over a million customers and was able to open the world's first sex shop. But in her personal life things didn't always turn out the way she wished. Katrin Rönicke provides a gripping portrait of the private and professional life of this extraordinary woman.

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with numerous illustrations
208 pages
format:140 x 220
ISBN: 9783701734665
Release date: 27.08.2019

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Katrin Rönicke

was born in Wittenberg in 1982 and lives in Berlin. She has contributed to the feminist 'Lila Podcast' since 2013, works for the German radio station Deutschlandfunk Kultur and co-founded her own podcast label 'hauseins' in 2017. Before this, she wrote for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the weekly newspaper Freitag and the daily Tageszeitung. Most recently published: "Sex. 100 Seiten" (2017), "Emanzipation. 100 Seiten" (2018), "Beate Uhse" (2019).

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