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Alfried Längle

Alfried Längle

was born in 1951. He studied Medicine and Psychology in Innsbruck, Rome, Toulouse and Vienna. He is doctor for general medicine and psychotherapeutic medicine, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, Professor at the HSE Moscow, Vice President of the International Federation of Psychotherapy (IFP), President of the International Federation for Logotherapy and Existenzanalyse, based in Vienna.


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Alfried Längle - Towards a Meaningful Live. A Logotherapy Manual

Eine praktische Anleitung der Logotherapie

What do I live for? What gives meaning to my life? It is a fundamental need of human beings to find their individual meaning in life. This holds particularly true for times of crisis. Meaning, however, means something different to every one of us, and it can also change in the course of life. The search for meaning is thus a very personal issue, and each answer is unique. Alfred Längle explains the basic elements that help us to find our meaning in life. Step by step he guides the reader on his or her individual way. The book features many practical examples, instructions and exercises, and the texts invite the reader to reflect on his or her personal life. It is a practical guide and an easy-to-read introduction to the basic concepts of logotherapy and existential analysis.