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Anna Durnová

born in Brno, lives in Vienna. The political scientist has worked as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Vienna since 2004. Since 2012, she has been conducting research within the Hertha- Firnberg programme (FWF Austrian Science Fund) for her habilitation on Semmelweis and its related health discourse. She has been published in numerous scientific publications.


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Anna Durnová - In Safe Hands

Ignaz Semmelweis – Hygiene Pioneer

A journey through the life of the great fighter for the health of mothers and medical progress. "Wash your hands": this rule of hygiene is taken for granted. That this was not always the case is revealed through the history of the 1818-born Semmelweis, who worked as a gynaecologist in Vienna. He had to fight hard for it to be recognised that doctors’ dirty hands were infecting child-bearing women. His life story, which is of immense importance still today, let’s us look deep into the fascinating world of scientific discoveries and intrigue.