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Bernhard Herrman

Bernhard Herrman

Historian, German philologist, long-standing contributor at Austrian national radio station Ö1 and author of radio features on literature, the fine arts and music. Herrman lives in Vienna and is a relative of Albert Herzog, the administrator of the Sandgrube and lover of August Rieger. It is thanks to Herrman that the correspondence, as well as the court papers concerning the Aryanisation of the Sandgrube vineyard, have been discovered and scrutinised.


Coverabbildung von "Der Wein des Vergessens"

Bernhard Herrman Robert Streibel - The Wine of Oblivion

It’s hard to imagine a more dramatic and controversial documentary novel. In 1938 the Sandgrube vineyard – one of the most famous vineyard estates in the Wachau valley – is owned by the Jewish businessman Paul Robitschek. His partner is August Rieger. Robitschek and the supposed baron are business partners, as well as glamorous lovers. Denunciations clear the path for the Aryanisation of an estate that would eventually become the basis of the famous Krems vintners’ cooperative – a name that is synonymous with wine and culture far beyond the national borders. This Aryanisation has to date never been the subject of investigation. The authors were able to recover a hoard of documents, enabling them to tell a staggering story of betrayal and loyalty, love and business, destruction and repression.