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Boris Schumatsky

Boris Schumatsky

born 1965 in Moscow, has been living and working as an author in Berlin and Munich since the mid-1990s. In his book "Silvester bei Stalin", he re-traces his family's steps through times of terror and war. Schumatsky's essays on current political events have appeared in renowned newspapers such as "Die Zeit", "NZZ" and "Süddeutsche Zeitung".


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Boris Schumatsky - The new subjects

Postmodernism, Populism & Putin

25 years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Europe's democracies are in a deep crisis. Old political camps are fading: the left is trading revolution for nationalism; the right is borrowing a useful enemy – the banks – from the left. It causes Boris Schumatsky great dismay to see the growing success of Russia's autocrats. Whether right, left or middle: Ruling is fun, freedom is tough. During the 1990s, a wave of postmodernism seemed to promise everlasting peace. Now the ease of those days, and with it an inability to tell apart truth and lies, has turned into a populist monster. Boris Schumatsky delivers an astute analysis of current political trends and future prospects.