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Bruno Pellandini

Bruno Pellandini

born 1966 in St Gallen, Switzerland, studied history and film studies at Zurich University. He writes prose and drama, and collaborates with visual artists. His debut novel "Malinovkij. Ein Rausch" was published in 2006, followed by "Krawanker" (2010) and the theater plays "Koffer packen", "Alles für Wenzel", and "Bentley" (2012). Bruno Pelladini has lived and worked in Vienna since 1995.


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Bruno Pellandini - That old-fashioned feeling

A man and a woman. She: Pernilla Brigido, once an acclaimed theater actress, now a charmingly elegant, vivacious septuagenarian member of Vienna's society. He: Ildefons Krehmayr, known as Illo, affluent master builder, divorcee and father of a puberty-struck daughter. He's twenty years younger and has led a life with temperate passions and ambitions. Coincidence crosses their paths and so begins a ravishingly outrageous love story that Pernilla and Illo waltz through with the grace of well-trained dancers. Until one of them makes a wrong move and oversteps a boundary better left uncrossed. But when the curtain rises once again, the two star-crossed lovers have already set out on a summery roadtrip…