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Clemens Berger

born in 1979 in Austria, studied philosophy in Vienna, where he lives as a freelance author. He has received numerous prizes and scholarships for his work. He was co-editor of the European online magazine "Versopolis" and taught at the Mozarteum University Salzburg and at Bowling Green State University. Berger has published novels, plays, essays and short story collections, most recently the novels "Das Streichelinstitut" (2010), "Ein Versprechen von Gegenwart" (2013) and "Im Jahr des Panda" (2016). Most recently published by Residenz Verlag: "Der Präsident" (2020), "Das Haus des flüssigen Goldes" (2024).

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Babies need milk – from the breast or the bottle. This is where Clarissa begins with the “House of Liquid Gold”: women like Maya, a single mother who was previously making a living from casual jobs, express their surplus milk in a comfortable environment and take a share in the profits. Things are going well until the biggest manufacturer can no longer supply families with formula; then breast milk becomes a matter of life and death. When Maya takes the side of the desperate women and their hungry babies, she becomes a social media icon. Clemens Berger’s fast-paced satyr takes us on the rollercoaster of emotions Maya experiences on social media: she is celebrated, suffers backlash and receives offers of millions of euros, not to mention death threats – and she has to find her own way.

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Clemens Berger - The President

Jay Immer, son of Austrian immigrants, loving husband and a dutiful Chicago policeman, is 55 when the American dream catches up with him. He is elected to be the 40th president of the United States or, more accurately, his double. From that point on, he acts as a substitute for Ronald Reagan wherever Reagan can’t be – at shopping mall inaugurations and burger eating competitions, at parties and photo calls. But when Jay discovers his own voice and becomes involved in the environmental movement, cracks start to form in the idyll. Touching, highly topical and full of tragicomical humour, Clemens Berger’s narrative peers behind the facade of power and tells the unforgettable story of a man who stepped onto the stage of global politics to provide a swimming pool for his wife Lucy.