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Emmy Werner

Emmy Werner

was born in Vienna in 1938. As an actress she was engaged for numerous roles. 1979/80 she founded the Drachengasse Theatre, which remained under her leadership until 1987. From 1988 to 2005: director at the Vienna Volkstheater. Werner has won numerous awards, including the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science and Art, the Vienna Frauenpreis and the Goldenes Ehrenzeichen of Vienna City.


Coverabbildung von '... als ob sie Emma hießen'

Emmy Werner - … as if they were called Emma

Eine Nachbetrachtung

Does E. love the theatre? Does one ask a fish whether it loves the water? Emmy Werner created her first theatre under her parents’ dining table, a favourite refuge of wartime children. After her early years as an actress she was soon drawn backstage. Only here was she able to develop her full potential – eventually taking on the role of theatre director. But what was life like for a woman who wasn’t prepared to remain invisible in her husband’s shadow? What prejudices did she face? Emmy Werner has written a book that shows courage and gives courages. It is a humorous account that ponders the path of a headstrong woman.