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Georg Fraberger

Georg Fraberger

born 1973 in Vienna, is a psychologist and author. He works as a psychologist at the Vienna General Hospital. In addition, Fraberger has published several books, including “Ohne Leib mit Seele” (2013) and currently "Wie werde ich Ich". Georg Fraberger is married and has four children.


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Georg Fraberger - Loving with Success

How to become and remain a happy couple

A romantic relationship is an exchange, in which a person gives a part of themselves in order to become something bigger with another person. But managing this exchange isn't easy. Often there is inner resistance. Our mind may speak against love or our life partner, while our body disagrees and grows weak at the sight of the other. We might go soft in the knees or experience fear of loss. Love within a relationship can go off balance. But there are ways to experience love as a profound exchange, without strain or pressure and without obligation. Georg Fraberger analyses love and sexuality and reveals how we can develop a fulfilled partnership. He is also very candid in describing his own relationship to his wife and their path towards a stable marriage.

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Georg Fraberger - How do I become me - Between body, heart and mind

Zwischen Körper, Verstand und Herz

We are taught to set ourselves targets. We train our body and function in accordance with social protocols. We try to be successful and a perfect partner in matters of the heart. But this balancing act is often not achieved. The body becomes tired and threatens to buckle under the stress, or we experience inner conflict. But who is in the right: body, heart or mind? How do I become me, and who am I? Our thoughts appear to be free, but in truth are tied to our body. Georg Fraberger, himself severely physically disabled from birth, illustrates how we can lead a balanced life through the harmonious connection of body, heart and mind.