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Georg Mayrhofer

Georg Mayrhofer

born 1965 in Vienna, studied law. He is an assistant director for television and film and began writing musicals and screenplays in 2011.


Coverabbildung von "Journey to the Golden Apple"

Georg Mayrhofer - Journey to the Golden Apple

The Shared History of Orient and Occident

Popes who studied at Arab universities; Turkish princes who grew up with European Emperors’ sons; Persian kings who saved Greek philosophy from destruction. Whether it was banks, minnesingers, or the concept of romantic love – many ideas perceived as western are in fact developments shared between orient and occident. This book shows how there has always been exchange between these purportedly very different cultures and, despite wars and religious differences, how they developed into a unified whole. Dispensing with clichés it describes a cultural cohabitation which extends to the present day. A journey into ourselves and the diversity we hold within us.

Coverabbildung von "Prinz Eugene"

Georg Mayrhofer Konrad Kramar - Prinz Eugene

Between heroism and neurosis

Military commander, strategist, philosopher, gardener, architect – the historic image of Prince Eugene of Savoy is larger than life, just like his statue on Vienna’s Heldenplatz. Loyalty and honor determined his actions, yet his personality was marked by deep neurosis rooted in his childhood. His entire life he hid his vulnerability behind a public image that he wore like a mask. From both a historical and today’s perspective, Konrad Kramar and Georg Mayrhofer present the complex portrait of a public person who influenced the course of history and a private person who tried to hide behind his role as a hero.