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Golli Marboe

Born in Vienna in 1965, Golli Marboe is a father of four. He works as a freelance journalist, holds lectures on media issues and has produced TV documentaries for broadcasters across Europe for 30 years. He teaches moving image journalism at various institutes of higher education and is founder and chairman of “vsum.tv”, which promotes autonomous interaction with the media. He is also a member of SUPRA, the Austrian society for suicide and suicide prevention. Most recently published: “Notizen an Tobias” (Notes to Tobias) (2021).


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Golli Marboe - Notes to Tobias

A father’s thoughts on the suicide of his son.

The doorbell rings at the 4th floor apartment of the Marboe family. “Something’s up with Tobias!” “Yes, he’s in the next room. We’re just getting the guest room ready for him.” “No, something’s up with him down on the street!” Since that afternoon of 26 December 2018, life for the Marboe family has never been the same. What happened to Golli Marboe is the worst that can happen to a father. Your own son or daughter committing suicide is a taboo subject even today. Marboe has written this book to his son Tobias. In it, he looks back on the first year following the tragedy. Were there signs he should have recognised? Was there anything that could have been done to prevent it? “Notes to Tobias” illustrates a father’s struggle to come to terms with what has happened, but it is also full of love and strength and the courage to carry on.