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Günther G. Bauer

born 1928 in Bregenz, has lived in Salzburg since 1932. From 1952-1972 he worked as an actor, stage director and author in Vienna and was a professor and rector at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts “Mozarteum” in Salzburg from 1972 -1998. He was also the founder of the university’s institute for Game Studies and Play Pedagogy. He has received several honors and awards. His recent publications include “Mozart – Glück, Spiel und Leidenschaft” (2003) and “Mozart – Geld, Ruhm und Ehre” (2009).


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Günther G. Bauer - Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Mozart

You think you know Mozart? Think again! You will be surprised to find out how little you knew about someone so well known: Did Mozart use a special ruler to draw the lines of is sheet music? What was the name of his riding horse and how much did it cost? What type of corkscrew did he use and what happened to his lottery tickets? What cookbook was used for his meals? What was his favorite soap? And what did his wife’s soap smell like? In more than 300 interesting and amusing entries this book offers insight into Mozart’s life and work, living conditions and traveling habits. The perfect gift for anyone who knows Mozart and all those who want to learn more about him!