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Harald Krassnitzer

Harald Krassnitzer

born in Grödig (Salzburg) in 1960, actor Harald Krassnitzer has performed at the Schauspielhaus Graz, the Wiener Volkstheater and at theatres in Saarbrücken. Since 1995 he has predominantly appeared in films and television series, including leading roles in Bergdoktor (1997-2005) and Winzerkönig (2005-2009). He is probably best known as police officer Moritz Eisner in the long-running crime drama Tatort. Alongside his acting career, Krassnitzer has made his mark with political statements and activities, and continues to dedicate his time to social projects. Published by Residenz Verlag: "Raunächte" (2019).


Coverabbildung "Rauhnächte"

Harald Krassnitzer (Edited by) - The twelve nights

Wondrous tales for a magical season

The twelve nights between Christmas and Epiphany are a mystical time – a time in which nature stands still and the boundaries between our world and the supernatural realm appear suspended. In Alpine regions and Nordic countries, the Twelve Nights are the source of numerous fables. People talk to animals, goblins populate human dwellings, wishes come true and the Wild Hunt rides across the land. This openness to magic and folklore, this moment of pausing and taking stock, have long been a source of fascination to Harald Krassnitzer – and hold a special significance in our hectic times. In this book, Krassnitzer brings together his favourite legends and tales relating to the Twelve Nights, accompanied by personal reflections