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Hinrich von Haaren

Hinrich von Haaren

born 1964 in Bremerhaven, lives in London. He studied sinology and German literature in Berlin.  His radio plays have been broadcast by Radio Bremen and Ostdeutscher Rundfunk, which also awarded him its audio drama prize. Von Haaren has received numerous grants and was recently a guest at Künstlerhaus Edenkoben in Germany. He made his debut in 2010 with the anthology "Die Überlebten", followed by the publication of his highly praised novel "Brandhagen" in 2012. His second novel, "Blaues Reich. Winterstadt", was published by Residenz Verlag in 2020. 




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Hinrich von Haaren - Blue Empire – Winter City

Berlin before the fall of the wall, China before the massacre on Tiananmen Square – in a world full of irredeemable promises, a generation drifts along as it searches for a different life. Set in a wintry Berlin rich with dark taverns and opulent cafés, the narrator and his rag-tag circle of friends try to invent a new kind of freedom. At the heart of the clique is the dazzling Nina. She holds everyone in her spell, but is herself at the mercy of her inner voices and their dangerous insinuations. A one-way ticket to Beijing offers a way out. The narrator leaves everything behind and sets off to travel through a China in turmoil, but in this vast blue empire his attempt to forget remains futile.