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Coverabbildung von "Love is blind. Some people too."

Christine Nöstlinger Hubert Hladej (Edited by) - Love is blind. Some people too.

Love is blind – and that’s why it is so beautiful to be in love. It’s easy to be forgiving when you don’t see further than the rim of love’s rose-colored glasses or the slices of cucumber you put on your eyes to keep love fresh. Still, of course, the world behind those glasses is rough and flawed, full of challenges and obstacles. Losing sight of that will soon leave you stumbling through your life with housework and relationships, husband and kids. Christine Nöstlinger tells the stories of such a life like no other, stories she stumbled across herself, and she does so in a clear-sighted, trenchant, ironic but always loving way.

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Christine Nöstlinger Hubert Hladej (Edited by) - Being a woman isn’t a sport

Being a woman is not a sport, much less an Olympic discipline, but it makes you sweat just as much. Constantly juggling household chores and relationships, mastering married life and raising kids can make women run out of the breath they need for laughing. Because no problem that you face when handling the daily hustle and bustle of family life is so serious that it couldn’t be solved with a bit of humor. Christine Nöstlinger proves this in her own exceptional style, full of wit and composure, with a lovingly ironic view on life and the big and little challenges it holds. This book is a collection of her best columns offering advice and comfort for every life situation.