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Jana Volkmann

Jana Volkmann

born in Kassel in 1983, studied European literature in Berlin and published her first prose texts; she has lived and written in Vienna since 2012. Numerous publications, most recently: "Auwald" (novel, Verbrecher Verlag 2020) and "Investitions-ruinen" (poems, Limbus 2021). She received the 2021 Bremen Literature Prize and the 2022 Reinhard Priessnitz Prize for "Auwald". As a journalist, she writes for publications including "Der Freitag" and "Tagebuch" and has long been concerned with the question of whether animals (have to) work. Most recently published by Residenz Verlag: "Der beste Tag seit langem" (2024).

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Coverabbildung von 'Der beste Tag seit langem'


Two women are on their way home in central Vienna one summer’s night when they happen upon a horse without a rider in a small alley. The slightly neglected animal trots along behind them until they reach their house in the suburbs, where it takes up residence in the garden. From this point on, the two women look after the latest addition to the household. What seems like a fairytale fantasy at first grows into an extraordinary novel about the coexistence between animals and humans, about animal rights and exploitation, self-determination and its limits. With elegance and wit, Jana Volkmann tells a highly topical story in which chicken factories are stormed and pigs gallop across the high street – a story in which every individual must decide for themselves how we, collectively, want to live in the future.