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Jochen Schimmang

born 1948, lives in Oldenburg. He is the author of numerous novels and has taught at The German Creative Writing Program Leipzig. His most recent, award-winning publications include: “Das Beste, was wir hatten” (2009, Rheingau-Literatur-Preis 2010) and “Neue Mitte” (2011, Phantastik-Preis der Stadt Wetzlar 2012).


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Jochen Schimmang - Christian Morgenstern


His poetry was subversive, his translations are acclaimed to this day, his “Songs from the Gallows” are considered among the most popular German poems. Christian Morgenstern was one of the most interesting authors of his time. Born 1871, he lived in a time marked by radical mental, technological and cultural changes: the beginning of the Modern Era. His generational peers include Rilke, Hofmannsthal and Robert Walser. With its multilayered and fragmented quality, Morgenstern’s oeuvre reacted to a period of continuous and quick changes. Jochen Schimmang sheds new light on the life and work of this exceptional author.