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Katja Buschmann

Katja Buschmann

born 1987 in Leisnig (Saxony), studied dramaturgy, new German literature and psychology at Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich and the Bayrische Theaterakademie Munich. She then studied at the Deutsches Literaturinstitut in Leipzig. She has published her stories in anthologies such as "5 von 12. Geschichten junger Münchner Autoren" and "Tippgemeinschaft 2012. Jahresanthologie der Studierenden des Deutschen Literaturinstituts Leipzig". Katja Buschmann lives in Leipzig and on the countryside. "Alles, was Sie über Philine Blank wissen müssen" is her first novel.


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Katja Buschmann - Everything you need to know about Philine Blank

Philine has a mom with a fickle love life and a bunch of changing dads. Instead of going to school she prefers going around the school and in water she turns into a fish. Then she also looses her foothold on land. After a breakdown, Philine moves to a quiet village, where she meets Planta – Planta-who-has-a-plan. Planta who serves her the best scrambled eggs ever at dawn and whose eyes are as blue as a shark pool. He shows her all there is to see, the highest and lowest places, and the bottle house at the lake, where everyone is welcome. Another life seems within reach, a happy, care-free life. But when winter comes and the bottle house commune breaks up, Philine decides not to break and holds on to everything that was, everything that wasn't, and everything that can't be held on to because it's somewhere between the lines and slips through your fingers like the quickest fish in the world: like everything you need to know.