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Kurt Bauer

born 1961, is a learned typesetter, bookbinder and literary editor. He studied History at the University of Vienna. Bauer has been a freelancer for the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Historical Social Science since 2007 and works as a lecturer at the Institute for Contemporary History of the University of Vienna. His book "Elementar-Ereignis" (2003) was awarded with the Bruno-Kreisky Prize. His most recent publication is "Nationalsozialismus. Ursprünge, Anfänge, Aufstieg und Fall" (2008).


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Kurt Bauer - Hitler's second coup d’état

Dollfuss, the Nazis and July 25, 1934

A scientific sensation! Kurt Bauer clears up the many myths that surround the July Putsch of 1934 in Austria. He is the first to prove that the coup d’état was ordered by Hitler himself. At 12.53 pm on July 25, 1934, 150 SS troops stormed the chancellery in Vienna. Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, self-proclaimed leader of the authoritarian Austro-fascist state, was heavily wounded and subsequently died. The rebels in Vienna gave up by nighttime, but a bloody upheaval of Nazis escalated in the provinces. At the same time, Hitler was listening to Wagner in Bayreuth's festival hall. But things were far from calm in the dictator’s box, as he was impatiently awaiting news from Austria…