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Marjana Gaponenko

Marjana Gaponenko

was born 1981 in Odessa, Ukraine, where she studied German Studies. Today she lives in Mainz, Germany after stops in Krakow and Dublin. Since 1996 she has been writing in German and has published texts in several literary magazines and anthologies. In 2009 she received the Frau-Ava literary award. “Annuschka Blume” is her first novel.


Coverabbildung von "Annuschka Blume"

Marjana Gaponenko - Annuschka Blume

Annuschka is a teacher living in provincial Ukraine, Piotr is a journalist and globetrotter who is always far, far away to prove that that there is no difference between steppe and mountains. Just like there is no difference between humans and animals, men and women, happiness and unhappiness, here and there. It all depends on how far you distance yourself from plain facts. That is exactly what these two do full of ardor and passion by writing each other letters. Writing letters? They rather fire them like rockets, catapulting themselves and the world into outer space, from where things actually do look different than with your feet on the ground. And so they float and flirt and intoxicate themselves with feelings, telling each other stories that are funny and sad at the same time – because what’s the difference? This truly is no book for bureaucrats or goodie-two-shoes. Hands off!