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Martin Herrmann

Martin Herrmann

Born in 1957, Herrmann is co-founder and chairman of KLUG (German Climate and Health Alliance) and has facilitated transformative processes in a professional capacity for many years. Originally a medical doctor, Herrmann switched to advising companies and NGOs early on and today teaches at international universities and institutes of higher education. 'Sprung über den Abgrund' was published jointly with Harald Lesch at Residenz Verlag (2022).


Coverabbildung von 'Sprung über den Abgrund'

Martin Herrmann Harald Lesch - LEAP ACROSS THE ABYSS

Why the climate crisis is forcing us to act

The warming of our planet is a global emergency. We have altered the world to such an extent that the resulting change threatens not only us and our health, but the entire planet Earth. The only remedy is a comprehensive transformation of our way of life and economic systems. Yet most concerned individuals assume that they themselves cannot make a difference, given the extent of the threat. This also applies to scientists, as well as economic and political decision makers. But that’s not the case – as this spirited book points out. In 'Leap across the Abyss', physicist Harald Lesch and doctor Martin Herrmann issue a joint appeal for people to overcome their state of paralysis and promote the "big transformation".