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Najem Wali

Najem Wali

born 1956 in Basra, Iraq, was detained and tortured as a dissident in his home country. He fled to Germany in 1980 when the Iraq-Iran war broke out. In 1988 he completed his studies in German literature in Hamburg and later his studies in Spanish literature in Madrid. He worked as the cultural correspondent for the Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat for many years and regularly contributes for newspapers and magazines such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, NZZ, taz, and Der Spiegel. He has published numerous novels and short stories and lives and works as a freelance author and journalist in Berlin.


Coverabbildung von "Im Kopf des Terrors"

Najem Wali - In the head of terror

Killing with and against God

Terrorists shoot into a crowd at Bataclan in Paris killing dozens; Guardians of public morals have thousands beheaded during the French Revolution with the aim of realizing the "ideals of enlightenment"; Dostojevsky's "Demons" murder because their nihilism has destroyed any sense of morals – What goes on in these minds? How can people declare themselves lords over life and death, thus putting themselves above God? When they act in the name of God or political ideals, Wali claims provocatively, they are in fact enacting the opposite: What drives these murderers is a fascination with violence, the feeling of absolute power, the desire to spread mortal fear, and the wish to destroy the social fundament of trust.