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Rotraud A. Perner

Rotraud A. Perner

is a legal expert, psychotherapist and psychoanalyst and has also taken part in postgraduate programs in Sociology and Protestant Religious Studies. She teaches Health Communication, Violence Prevention, Interpersonal Communication and PROvocative Pedagogy, a method she developed herself, at institutions such as Danube University Krems. In her own “Institut für Stressprophylaxe und Salutogenese” her research is focused on spiritual health


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Rotraud A. Perner - The Unrepentant Society

We live in a world where corruption, deception and violence, relentless careerism and unlimited greed are accepted by nearly everyone. Barely anyone asks: Do things have to be this way? What happened to an individual and collective sense of responsibility? Why do less and less people have a sense for injustice? Rotraud A. Perner embarks on a quest to find out why the courage to take on responsibility seems to be lost. She analizes the causes and describes a path to a better, more compassionate world. Perner not only delivers one of the most fascinating analyses of today’s world, she also points out the purifying power of repentance and the many possibilities of a culture of honesty.