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Ruth Rybarski

Ruth Rybarski

was born in Vienna and studied Theater and Jewish Studies; She is an editor for the culture section of “profil” magazine and has been part of the cultural editorial department of ORF since 1995. The self-declared cat freak lives in Vienna with her cat Medley


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Ruth Rybarski (Edited by) - Cat loves woman loves cat

Literarische Streicheleinheiten

Authors like Andrea Maria Dusl, Julia Franck, Christine Kaufmann, Ruth Klüger, Eva Menasse, Ingrid Noll, Lilo Wanders as well as numerous other cat lovers from German-speaking countries can’t all be wrong: Cats are not only the most literary of all animals, they also have unmistakably unique characters. They are unrivaled as purring heating pads, imaginative jokers and compassionate housemates. Their taste is incorruptible, whether they are dealing with cat food, new family members, dogs, new lovers or potential husbands. Ruth Rybarski has collected 30 as of yet unpublished love declarations to cats. A must for all cat lovers and all those who are thinking of becoming one.