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Sabine Ladstätter

born 1968 in Klagenfurt, studied Archeology and Ancient History in Graz. She worked at excavation sites like Hemmaberg as a student and helped catalog ceramic findings from Ephesus. She worked for the Austrian Academy of Sciences for ten years and became head of the Austrian Archelogy Institute in 2009. In 2010, she was made head of excavation in Ephesus and was named “scientist of the year” in 2011. She has published numerous works.


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Sabine Ladstätter - Bones, Stones and Shards

Adventure Archeology

Economic crisis, migration, environmental problems and creating tolerance for diversity are some of the main issues of today’s world. Earlier societies dealt with these kinds of problems as well. In the end, every era finds its own answers. Sabine Ladstätter takes us on a tour into the past, to archeological sites and to the stories of their discovery – searching for the answers that people from other eras found for questions we still ask today. This book cleverly proves that archeology is more than bones, stones and shards. It’s a science that can deliver answers about the past that help us gain socially relevant insights for today. Archeology is adventure!