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Stefan Alker-Windbichler

born in 1980 in Vienna, Alker-Windbichler studied literature, journalism and dramatics and is head of the faculty library for German, Dutch and Scandinavian literature at the University of Vienna. He has extensively researched and published on Gerhard Fritsch.


Coverabbildung von 'Man darf nicht leben, wie man will'

Gerhard Fritsch Klaus Kastberger (Edited by) Stefan Alker-Windbichler (Commentaries by) - We cannot live the way we want


Who was Gerhard Fritsch? One of the most significant Austrian authors of the post-war era, to be named in the same breath as Hans Lebert or Thomas Bernhard? A highly active literary figure, who as a reviewer, editor, critic and member of numerous juries significantly influenced the literary world of his time? A driven individual, who was married three times, fathered four children and in the end hanged himself dressed in women's clothes? The author of "Moos auf den Steinen" and "Fasching" who cut his life short was all that and more. Accessible to the public for the first time, his diaries offer an insight into his creative crises, flights of fancy and private transvestite yearnings. But above all, they show us Gerhard Fritsch as a tireless writer and enable an entirely new reading of his work.