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Sven Michaelsen

studied literature and history, was a reporter and author for the weekly news magazine Stern for 20 years and now mainly writes for the magazine supplement of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Portraits and interviews with the leading figures and idols of our time are his trademark. Every Sunday, the digital edition of the SZ magazine publishes one of his questions, which are hugely popular and generate discussion in hundreds of online forums. Published by Residenz Verlag: "Warum hat das Unglück mehr Phantasie als das Glück?" (Why does sorrow have more imagination than joy?) (2019).


Coverabbildung von 'Mitten im Leben – wo mag das sein?'

Sven Michaelsen - In the Middle of Life - where might that be?

Self-Discovery in 666 Questions

Do you get bored by people who only ever ask themselves things they already know the answers to? Have you been waiting ages for someone to finally ask you the revelatory questions that make you realise what you’re truly made of, deep down? That reveal to you your hidden desires and self-delusions? That make you understand why nobody thinks about you the way you think about yourself? In these 666 questions, Sven Michaelsen sends readers on a journey of self-discovery through the brain, heart and belly that’s as instructive as it is hilarious. By the end of it, you’ll be seeing yourself and your life with fresh eyes.

Coverabbildung von 'Warum hat das Unglück mehr Phantasie als das Glück'


Life in 800 questions

Should you judge a person based on the questions they ask or the answers they give? Sven Michaelsen's reply is unambiguous. Asking ourselves and others the rights questions decides whether our life is successful or wasted. It isn't opinions and assertions that lead us to truth and understanding, it's the curvy question mark. This book shuns run-of-the-mill wisdoms proclaimed by self-professed life coaches to focus instead on the art of smart reflection – on love and happiness, money and a high-flying career or sex and beauty. Michaelsen's writing is at times entertaining and humorous, at times instructive and sombre. Reading Michaelsen's book of 800 questions will teach you more about yourself than ever before.