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Thomas Arzt

Thomas Arzt

Born in Schlierbach (Upper Austria) in 1983, Arzt studied theatre, film and media. Since the staging of his play “Grillenparz” at the Schauspielhaus Wien in 2011, Arzt has counted among Austria’s most frequently performed contemporary dramatists. His plays include the popular successes “Alpenvorland” (2013, transl. into Engl. as “Alpine Blues”), “Johnny Breitwieser” (2014) and “Die Österreicherinnen” (2019). His work has featured at festivals in New York, Buenos Aires and Kiev and has been staged in Vienna, Graz, Heidelberg, Berlin and other cities. His short stories have been published in literary magazines and on the blog “Nazis & Goldmund”. Arzt lives in Vienna, “Die Gegenstimme” (Voice of dissent) is his first novel.


Coverabbildung von 'Die Gegenstimme'

Thomas Arzt - Voice of dissent

It’s April 1938 and student Karl Bleimfeldner returns home to vote against the “annexation” to Nazi Germany – the only dissenting voice in the village. The area is in a state of political frenzy and Karl’s daring action leads to repercussions. Rumours spread. The family falls silent. An overexcited mob sets out to confront the traitor in the woods. In “Voice of Dissent” Thomas Arzt acutely hones in on the 24 hours of April 10, 1938, during which the National Socialists succeeded in seizing power over Austria. Arzt tells the story of his great-uncle – in a feverishly restless tale about conformism, cowardice, hopelessness, fanaticism and resistance.