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Thomas Weber

Thomas Weber

born in 1977, lives and works in Vienna. He is a journalist and editor for "The Gap" (a magazine for style and discourse) and "Biorama" (a magazine about sustainable lifestyles). He was co-founder of the advertising agency Mountain Mill (adverts for good causes) and can be found on Twitter (@th_weber).


Coverabbildung von '100 Punkte Tag für Tag'

Thomas Weber - 100 points a day

Rental chickens, guerilla grafting and other everyday ideas for a better world

How can we improve our carbon footprint while keeping our lifestyle? How can we stay aware and treat the environment with care? Thomas Weber has the answers and provides ideas that anyone can follow. Initiatives like "rent a chicken", "chop some thujas" and "free your slaves" are concepts that are unusual, but easy to translate into everyday life. After the great success of "A Good Day has 100 Points", this sequel offers new ideas for a more sustainable lifestyle. Thomas Weber's suggestions are creative, fresh, and appealing.

Coverabbildung von 'A Good Day has 100 Points'

Thomas Weber - A Good Day has 100 Points

... and other ways to change the world, day for day

We are living on borrowed time – the message has reached most people now. But is it much help to be told no-one should be consuming more than 6.8 kilos CO2 a day? How can we still have a satisfying life? This book provides concrete answers: “A good day has 100 points,” an open-source campaign has claimed, evaluating everything we do, every consequence of our daily lives, using a points system. The system is derived from academic research, which Thomas Weber has used as a basis for his book, thinking it through and applying it to daily life. He introduces initiatives such as ‘wwoofing’ and ‘foodsharing’, visits repair networks, and explains why we should be eating carp rather than tuna fish.