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Tina Pruschmann

Tina Pruschmann

born 1975, grew up in Thuringia and lives in Leipzig. Her attempts to learn a “proper job“ led her to law school lectures, then teaching at a special school, work at a psychiatric ward, and a vocational training school. She studied Behavioral Science Studies and Sociology. Pruschmann is currently a copywriter and ghost writer. “Lostage” is her first novel.


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Tina Pruschmann - One of those days

One hot day in August Elena celebrates her 88th birthday. Everyone is there: her daughters Martina and Renate, her grandson Daniel and his girlfriend Sasha. Their celebration is abundant, with lots of honey schnapps, wild polkas, and much joy. And yet, all Elena can think about is Martina’s childhood friend Rike who fell to her death from the cherry tree right here in the garden fifty years ago. Tina Pruschmann’s intense and heart-felt debut novel delves deep into the lives and fates of its characters. It examines those special moments in life, those turning points that determine our future. They are days of irrevocable decisions; days when time and all its promises and desires come to a standstill.