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Urs Niggli

Urs Niggli

Born in 1953, Niggli grew up in the rural idyll of the Swiss Central Plateau – now a hectic intersection between the three major centres of Zurich, Basel and Bern. He studied agricultural sciences and was director of the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) from 1990 to March 2020. Under his leadership, FiBL has become an important think tank for organic farming, species-appropriate animal husbandry and sustainability. He is a member of the 'Scientific Group of the United Nations' 2021 Food Systems Summit and is a specialist in the field of agricultural ecology.


Coverabbildung von 'Alle satt?'


Securing the food supply for 10 billion people

Time for change: Agriculture and sustainable nutrition have become hotly debated subjects across society, as we look to a near future in which our planet is home to ten billion people. But can we feed the human population through organic farming? Is eating animals a sin? Does industrial agriculture based on high tech farming practices destroy rural areas, deplete natural resources and drive people into the cities? In 'Everyone Full?' Urs Niggli outlines a visionary plan for feeding the world – a fascinating read for foodies and everyone who appreciates good food.