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Ursula Kowanda-Yassin

Ursula Kowanda-Yassin was born in Beverley (GB) in 1975. She grew up in rural Salzburg, completed Islamic studies at university and now lives in Vienna. She has worked in adult education and as a freelance writer since 1999. Previously published: "Mensch und Naturverständnis im sunnitischen Islam" (2010).


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Ursula Kowanda-Yassin - Eco jihad

Green Islam – The beginning of a global environmental movement

How does the Muslim world deal with ecological issues? What is different about Eco-Islam? When and where did the first initiatives spring up? And how do Muslims incorporate this new awareness into their daily lives? The Eco-Islam movement is a strong voice in the battle for climate protection, from the founding of the environmental protection organisation IFEES by the British national Fazlun Khalid, through to the international Istanbul Conference in 2015. Wider society also plays an important role, providing commitment and new solutions. Ursula Kowanda-Yassin casts a critical eye on Europe, the US, the Arab World and Asia. This book is the first to offer a journey through the diverse world of Muslim endeavours for sustainability.