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Uwe Schütte

born in 1967, completed his PhD thesis on Gerhard Roth’s first cycle of novels in 1996, supervised by W.G. Sebald. He is now a Reader in German at Aston University and has published numerous books and articles on contemporary German and Austrian authors such as Thomas Bernhard, W.G. Sebald and Heiner Müller.


Coverabbildung von 'Underworlds'

Uwe Schütte - Underworlds

The Life and Work of Gerhard Roth

With his literary cycles “Orkus” and “Die Archive des Schweigens” Gerhard Roth consolidated his status as one of the most important authors of contemporary German literature. For more than three decades, his literary oeuvre has been dedicated to the fight against neglecting historical responsibility. He is also an avid contributor to ongoing political debates. Uwe Schütte’s dossier on Roth grants deep insights into the author’s work and demonstrates its role as an artistic tracing of the dark past. Gerhard Roth’s literary work can be read as a project, as an alternative to official historical interpretations and as a multilayered oeuvre that gives a voice to the persecuted, forgotten and alienated.