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Verena Moritz

Verena Moritz

born in Eisenstadt in 1969, studied history and Russian in Vienna. Spent several years conducting research in Russia. Lecturer at the universities of Salzburg and Vienna. Her most recent publications with Residenz Verlag are 1917: Austrian Voices on the Russian Revolution (2017) and Lenin (2023), co-written with Hannes Leidinger.


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Verena Moritz Hannes Leidinger - Lenin

The Biography: A Reappraisal

Fanatic or beacon of hope? Who was this revolutionary, whose ideas shaped not only Russia but the whole world? This biography centres around the career and thinking of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, digging deeper into entrenched prejudices, rearranging seemingly established connections and offering surprising explanations as to how an outsider rose to become the leader of the first socialist state. Drawing on a comprehensive array of original documents, the authors delve into the biography of a man who is considered one of the twentieth century’s most influential figures. The result is a new, multi-layered portrait of Lenin, telling the story of one lone maverick during a time of extraordinary upheaval. Thrilling, informative and captivating!

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Verena Moritz - 1917 – Austrian voices on the Russian Revolution

Österreichische Stimmen zur Russischen Revolution

From an Austrian point of view, what relevance do the two Russian revolutions have? Many Austrian soldiers, serving under the Habsburg Monarchy’s army, were held prisoner in Russia following the First World War. What did they experience and what were their thoughts on the historic upheaval that not only forever changed Russia, but the entire world? What hopes and fears awaited them at home? How did Austrians comment on the development of a new world order, which would ultimately divide the world into two camps? Verena Moritz presents and analyzes personal diaries, letters, newspaper articles and further as of now unpublished material. She successfully paints a vivid portrait of an era marked by major historical changes that have had an effect to this day.

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Hannes Leidinger Verena Moritz Karin Moser Wolfram Dornik - The Habsburgs’ Dirty War

An Analysis of Austro-Hungarian Warfare 1914-1918

New research on the darkest chapter of World War I: the authors examine the strategies and calculations employed by the Habsburg ruling elite. They show how the war, which began with the main aim of destroying Serbia, was allowed to get out of hand, with no consideration of the losses. And what happened in the zones occupied by the Imperial armies? Were Austro-Hungarian forces responsible for war crimes? This book sheds a shocking light on chains of command, prejudices, and escalating violence towards suspects, civilians and ‘administrated masses’. A disturbing panorama of the Habsburg Empire’s path to downfall.