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Walter Kappacher

Walter Kappacher

born 1938 in Salzburg. Since 1978 he works as freelance writer. Lives in Obertrum near Salzburg. Numerous awards, amongst others the Hemann-Lenz-Preis 2004, Grand Prize of Arts of Salzburg 2006; member of the German Academy for Language and Poetry. 2009 he receives the Georg Büchner Prize.


Coverabbildung von 'The Palace of Flies'

Walter Kappacher - The Palace of Flies

August 1924: It is rather embarrassment why the elderly writer H. returns to a place from his childhood – Fusch, a spa in the midst of Salzburg’s mountains where he had spent summer after summer with his parents when he was growing up. A lot has changed in the meanwhile: friendships have grown apart, his fame dates back several years and his work is endangered by his impaired health and the slightest disturbances. The change of time after the war has found its way even into the life in remote Fusch and H., who became a stranger to himself, participates only in observing. During a walk H. becomes unconscious. Awaking, he gets to know young Doctor Krakauer, a duchess’ physician in private practice. He too is a repatriate in a foreign world. H. seeks to gain his friendship, but still there is the duchess and still there is a loneliness he cannot escape from. Walter Kappacher tells from a life, which has been overtaken by the time. He tells with captivating intensity and with lucid empathy, as competent as virtuosic. He confirms his special position in the german-speaking literature: “a rare one” (Peter Handke).