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Zoran Dobrić

Zoran Dobrić

Born in Smederevo (Yugoslavia) in 1960, Dobrić has worked for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF since 1991 on programmes such as ‘Thema’ and ‘Report’, and for the religion and science desk since 2016. He has won numerous awards, including the Robert Hochner Prize, the Prof. Claus Gatterer Prize, the Prälat Leopold Ungar Award and the "von unten" journalism award of the Austrian poverty prevention network “Armutskonferenz”. Most recently published: “Ein Stück Leben” (A piece of life) (2021).


Coverabbildung von 'Ein Stück Leben'

Zoran Dobrić - A piece of life

The ethical, legal and medical issues surrounding organ transplants. A report

Imagine you’re a doctor. There are two 30-year-old women in your intensive care unit – one with severe head injuries and no chance of survival, the other with a fatal heart defect whose only chance for life is to have a donor heart implanted. What would you do? This is just one of many questions that exceed our emotional and ethical competencies. Doctors, ethicists and lawyers have to find the answers to them, always in the interest of life. But are we allowed to do everything that we can do? Zoran Dobrić has talked to patients, doctors, living donors, relatives of the deceased, scientists and theologists. He has observed all the key processes of organ transplantation, including brain death diagnosis and organ removal.