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Gerhard Roth -

Die Gugginger Künstler

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324 pages
format:254 x 280
ISBN: 9783701732722
Release date: 21.05.2012

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Gerhard Roth

born 1942 in Graz, is the author of many novels, short stories, essays and plays. Gerhard Roth has received countless literary prizes for his work.

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Coverabbildung von 'A journey into the unspeakable'

Gerhard Roth Hans-Jürgen Heinrichs - A journey into the unspeakable

Hans-Jürgen Heinrichs in conversation with Gerhard Roth

To his interviewer, writer and ethnologist Hans-Jürgen Heinrichs, Gerhard Roth is not only the last great epic novelist, daring to write cycles such as “Die Archive des Schweigens” and “Orkus”, he is also one of the greatest masters of language, transgressing the boundaries between literature and history. In this in-depth, lively dialogue the two men fathom Roth’s great novels and address personal subjects such as the origins of writing, the significance of memory and indeed death. The reader embarks on the “Journey into the Unspeakable” Roth takes in his writing.