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Judith Brandner - Japan

Island state in flux

From Zen gardens and cherry blossom to video games and nuclear power stations.

For almost 270 years, Japan was an island state with no contact to the outside world. This enabled the development of a highly independent culture and society, of which Japan remains proud to this day. For many Westerners, Japan still appears exotic and foreign, yet the country also shares many traits with the industrialised nations of the West. What do Japanese society, economy and politics look like in the 21st century? Have attitudes towards nuclear power generation changed in the wake of Fukushima? Why do many young Japanese show little interest in starting a family? Japan specialist Judith Brandner follows the line from historic Japan to modern society. An engaging journey into a country which many Westerners still know little about.

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224 pages
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ISBN: 9783701734894
Release date: 15.10.2019

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Judith Brandner

Brandner was born in Salzburg in 1963 and studied Japanology. Through her work as a TV and radio journalist and publicist she has concerned herself with Japan for almost four decades and has lived there for long periods. She currently works for the scientific department of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF.

She is a programme maker and long-standing presenter of the Radiokolleg feature on the Austrian national radio station Ö1 and also works for public broadcasters in Germany and Switzerland. She holds lectureships at universities in Nagoya and Vienna and is the author of many publications, including Zuhause in Fukushima (2014) and Japan - Inselreich in Bewegung (2019). www.judithbrandner.at

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