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Christian Maté - Medicine without doctors

Is artificial intelligence replacing human practitioners?

Can artificial intelligence offer improved diagnosis and more efficient therapies?

The question concerns us all. What does the future of medicine look like and what does it mean for the patient? The use of artificial intelligence and big data for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes has the potential to shake the self-image of doctors to the core. Even today, machines are better at performing certain aspects of what for centuries has been described as the physician's art. Such tasks include diagnosing illnesses, selecting individual treatments and carrying out surgical interventions. Will doctors made of flesh and blood soon be superfluous? What can the patient of the future expect? Christian Maté, himself a doctor, takes a close look at the issues involved and develops compelling theses for a digital future.

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176 pages
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ISBN: 9783701735020
Release date: 10.03.2020

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Christian Maté

born 1968 in Linz, is a doctor and science journalist. He was medical director and co-owner of the successful on-line platform netdoktor and teaches digital healthcare. He has studied the subject for decades and runs numerous workshops on the topic 'medicine of the future'. His book “Medizin ohne Ärzte” was published in 2020. 


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