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Anna Katharina Laggner - Strangelings

Radically feminist and humorous, Anna Katharina Laggner's notes of her twin pregnancy is a revelation.

A doctor gives the author some surprising news: she is creating life. She has one son already, and now she’s pregnant again. With twins. After much discussion, she decides against termination. She also discovers that being pregnant with twins seems to make her public property: doctors and relatives, complete strangers and friends, her yoga teacher and work colleagues – everybody wants to judge, offer advice, and touch her growing belly. Radically subjective and unshakeably good-humoured, Anna Katharina Laggner explores the mystery of being a trinity: she writes about her life with and among ‘Strangelings’, about erotic dry spells and unreasonable social demands, about her fears, and about the tremendous joy that remains a constant presence.

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208 pages
format:125 x 205
ISBN: 9783701717774
Release date: 04.09.2023

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Anna Katharina Laggner

born in Graz in 1977, studied international economic relations, and now lives and works as an author, radio broadcaster and artist in Vienna and Upper Austria. She hosts and creates programmes for Ö1 and writes about film for FM4. As a sound artist, she has created audio pieces and installations for the steirischer herbst festival, the Festival of Regions and the nGbK Berlin, among others. She has also published in anthologies. Strangers is her first novel.


Laggner hat einen lakonischen, aber deswegen nicht gefühlsbefreiten Blick auf alles, was mit Schwangerschaft und Mutterschaft zu tun hat. (...) „Fremdlinge“ geht unsentimental und mit quasi journalistischer Neugier an das Thema Schwangerschaft heran. Und mit einem gewissen nachdenklichen Humor, der dem Buch eine einzigartige Stimme verleiht.
[Quelle: Jenny Blochberger, FM4]

o*books; Bruno-Marek-Allee 24/1, 1020 Wien
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Rupertusbuchhandlung, Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 12, 5020 Salzburg

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