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Kurt Palm - The visitors

They’re everywhere. And no one knows where they came from…

Journalist Martin Koller is in hospital and cannot sleep. He is tortured by strange sounds in his ear that have thrown him into a deep depression. The fact that his wife desperately wants a child from him and that a young, ambitious colleague is messing with his research in the right-wing extremist scene isn’t exactly helping. Then he finds out that his mother is on the brink of death. So he pulls himself together and heads back to his childhood home. He spends a few days alone with his mother. And then, the visitors start showing up and taking over the entire house. They’re all over the place: in the cellar, in the rooms, in the attic. No one knows where they came from, no one knows what they want. A doctor Martin has known since his youth calls and tells him that she has made a mysterious discovery. A nightmare begins.

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280 pages
format:125 x 205
ISBN: 9783701715879
Release date: 24.01.2012

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Kurt Palm

born 1955 in Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria, completed his studies of German Philology and Journalism in Salzburg with a PhD. Since 1983, Palm has been working as a film director and author. He has written books on Bertolt Brecht, Adalbert Stifter, James Joyce, Mozart, soccer and Palm Saturdays. Shot a few films and staged numerous opera and theater productions in Austria and abroad. When Kurt Palm is not traveling, he lives in Vienna and in Litzlburg am Attersee, Upper Austria.


One can push the visitors away. They do not fight back, but they stay. On the attic. And they don't talk. That's great. That frigthens. KURIER, Peter Pisa

A haunting thriller, in which no blood flows, but which confronts the reader with his own hidden fears. ORF OBERÖSTERREICH

In this book, people are dying, they are fathering, they are fighting for their job. But there is more. Kurt Palm has a close look into the mind of his protagonist, into the history of his family, into the horror that lurks behind every attic door. NEUES VOLKSBLATT, Marielle Moshammer

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The miracle of Bern? Germany, a summer fairy tale? The hot battle of Lausanne outshines everything. Kurt Palm recounts. Lausanne, June 26th, 1954: At 40 degrees Celsius in the shade, the teams of Austria and Switzerland meet in the final of the World Cup 1954. Austria is considered as the favourite, 32.000 Swiss fans heat up the spirits. Kurt Schmied, the Austrian goalkeeper, has a sunstroke but is not allowed to be substituted and wobbles between the posts. What happened then is legendary: One wouldn’t believe it if it hasn’t been historical for long. The game ended 7:5. Today it doesn’t matter for whom: both teams made history with it. It’s the game that preceded the miracle of Bern and at the same time outshades it: 5 goals in 10 minutes, 12 goals in total – there have never been more goals in a Word Cup game. The record is unbeaten to this day. Kurt Palm reports the story of those 90 minutes and tells stories around the game and its protagonists. He creates a lively picture of the period and reminds of a hisorical event that of all people involved Kurt Schmied, the hero of the game, couldn’t remember anymore after the final whistle.

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