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Hartmut Rosa - unavailability

Modernity’s core endeavour is to increase our personal reach, our grasp on the world. However, according to Hartmut Rosa’s controversial theory, this available world is a silent one. There is no longer a dialogue with it. Rosa counters this progressive estrangement between human and world with what he refers to as “resonance”: a reverberating, unquantifiable relationship with an unavailable world. Resonance develops when we engage with something unknown, something irritating, something that lies beyond our controlling reach. The outcome of this process can’t be planned or predicted, thus a moment of unavailability is always inherent to the occurrence of resonance.

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from the series "Keeping Uncalm"
136 pages
format:140 x 220
ISBN: 9783701734467
Release date: 04.12.2018

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Hartmut Rosa

Born in 1965, Hartmut Rosa is Professor of General and Theoretical Sociology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, as well as Director of the Max Weber Institute in Erfurt. He has been awarded numerous prizes for his works, most recently the Tractatus Essay Prize 2016 and the Erich Fromm Prize 2018. Recent publications include: “Beschleunigung. Die Veränderung der Zeitstrukturen in der Moderne” (2005), “Beschleunigung und Entfremdung – Entwurf einer kritischen Theorie spätmoderner Zeitlichkeit” (2013), “Resonanz. Eine Soziologie der Weltbeziehung” (2016) and “Mehr Welt!” (2018).)